Corona Virus effects on Nature


Corona Virus effects on Nature

World is dealing with Covid-19 (Corona) Virus pandemic, many countries imposed Lockdown on their citizens which is the best practice towards containment of Corona Virus as per World Health Organization. Due to lockdown maximum citizens are at their home and all most all the commercial activities are on halt excepts some production units which are producing essential goods, hospitals, medical stores, shops selling food and other essential items, police, municipal corporations and other authorities which are dealing with this pandemic.

Every coin has two face, where Corona Virus forced mankind to be at their home on the other hand lockdown is helping nature to heal itself. Due to lockdown most of the manufacturing plants and other industries most of the part of world is closed, maximum vehicles are parked by long time which reduced the air pollution level to very low in most part of the world. Sky is cleaner now, visibly of the atmosphere increased significantly, one can experience fresh air in their surroundings. Rivers are also got benefited due to lockdown, most of the rivers which were in very bad conditions, mostly polluted due to industrial waste and was on the verge of collapse are now much healed and water is so clean that one can drink it.

Animals and Birds are also on the receiving end as most of the roads, state highways and national highways are witnessing very less traffic. Animals like kangaroos, elephants, goats, deer’s, tigers, etc. are being seen and recorded coming to cities. Places where migrant bird come in this season see a significate growth in the number of birds. Most of the neighbourhood birds which were not seen from very long time can now be noticed. Not only animals and birds have been benefited by lockdown it also helped many sea creatures too. There are so many reports which shows that some of beaches which is right now abounded due to Corona Virus and has very low human contact has been seen so many sea creatures like turtle, seals, etc. At some beaches thousands of turtles have laid eggs which was not seen in near past.

All this shows that nature is capable to heal itself with a good pace, in a very short time we can notice significate positive changes in nature.


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